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Sexual Health

Our range of Sexual Health treatments for sexually transmitted diseases offer effective results.


Sleeping Pills

Insomnia (sleeplessness) is when one is unable to fall asleep or stay asleep as long as desired. Many factors contribute to the inability to sleep including stress, anxiety and shift work. There a selection of medications available to help you to sleep or to stay asleep. View our variety of sleeping pills here.


Weight Loss

Weight Loss can be a difficult process even with a diet plan in place. Mynetdoctor.co.uk offer UK’s only proven prescription drugs. These prescriptions are approved by our EU qualified registered doctors after consultation View our range of weight loss treatments that offer effective results.


Pain Relief

Painkillers help you get on with life even though you have a painful condition. Check out our line-up of pain relief treatment


How It Works

Select Your Treatment

Select the treatment you want by either visiting our treatments page or using our search bar. Once you have found the treatment, select dosage and package size. Options for both generic or
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branded version are provided for some of these items, they all have the same active ingredient, but generics are usually cheaper. Start consultation once you are done and proceed to checkout. Medications cannot be supplied to customers until they have gone through these consultations. This is done to protect our customers and know exactly what is best for them.
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Doctor Reviews

The doctors review the item ordered after you fill out the consultation questionnaires. A request of your medical history and another set relating to the treatment you have selected.
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These request will reflect the same consultation processes you go through with your doctor. After consultation, you will have the ability to keep on checkout should the request you have tended to be appropriate for examination. On completion, your consultation answers will be examined and either rejected or accepted by an EU Registered Doctor
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Deliver from Store

Your prescription is then dispensed by a GPhC registered pharmacy and shipped to you via Royal Mail or DPD. All medicines are discretely packaged and don’t bear any reference to the item.

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