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One of the most critical problems for contact lens wearers is the awkward drying out of the eyes. Toward the end of the work day, or on long journeys, dry eyes can cause intense discomfort and irritation, which is where superb solutions like Blink Intensive Tears Vials come in.Blink is produced by global vision giants AMO, and has become one of the most effective ways to counter dry eyes. These Blink Intensive Tears Vials provide extra strength moisturisation compared to regular varieties.

  • Blink works by providing a supplement to tears, the body’s own way of providing hydration for tired eyes. Just apply when needed and the drops from Blink Intensive Tears Vials can instantly remedy the pain and itchiness caused by dry eyes.
  • Comes in a pack of 20 vials, which are small containers of moisturising fluid that can be directly applied to the eyes. Each dose guarantees moisturisation for 60 minutes.
  • Designed for use by busy people who need to rapidly restore their comfort when wearing contact lenses. Totally portable and safe to use.
  • Can also help to eliminate blurred vision caused by grimy lenses.

These extra strength Blink Intensive Tears Vials are an ingenious solution to dry eyes. Mimicking tears, they apply a naturally soothing film of fluid just where is it most needed and are superbly convenient. Ideal for office workers and other busy professionals.

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