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Champix tablets





Why giving up smoking is difficult

Even people who really want to quit can find it hard. That’s because the nicotine found in tobacco is very addictive and creates withdrawal symptoms and cravings. And it’s the withdrawal from the nicotine that makes quitting smoking hard. Common withdrawal symptoms include:

  •  – Urge to smoke
  •  – Weight gain
  •  – Headaches
  •  – Insomnia
  •  – Concentration problems
  •  – Fatigue
  •  – Restlessness
  •  – Irritability

Tips to help you quit smoking

  •  – Get support from friends by asking them to smoke around you.
  •  – Don’t replace cigarettes with food – go for a five-minute walk instead of your cigarette break to reduce your cravings.
  •  – Save the money you would have spent on cigarettes in a jar so you can see your progress
  •  – Stay positive – every day without a cigarette is a good thing
  •  – E-cigarettes may help to quit smoking but are not a risk-free alternative

You can also use different therapies to help you quit such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture, or counselling. Find what works for you.

Available stop smoking treatments 

Champix tablets can help reduce or control your nicotine cravings. This type of medications is a 12-week course that allows for complete withdrawal from your cigarette addiction.

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