Epiduo Gel 45g

Epiduo Gel 45g






Active ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide, Adapalene.

This is a topical treatment that reduces the blockage and inflammation of pores, as well as helps kill acne- causing bacteria

Use by applying a thin layer at night after washing


What is acne?

Acne is where pores in the skin become blocked. Often, this is due to a substance called sebum which is produced by glands in the hair follicles. Sebum normally helps keep the skin moisturised and water-proof. But too much sebum can cause acne.

When pores get blocked they may become inflamed or infected, creating red bumps in the skin. Whilst getting spots is normal, acne involves a lot of spots on the face, back and sometimes the chest. The types of spots include black and whiteheads, pustules and even cysts.
Acne is triggered by hormonal changes at puberty or the menstrual cycle but also during pregnancy. At best acne is embarrassing, especially when you are young, but it can also cause scarring.


What acne treatments are available?

There is a wide range of treatment options for people with acne. Some are available over-the-counter whilst others are prescription medications. You may try a single treatment but often acne is treated with a combination of medications:

– Topical or oral antibiotics will treat any infected pores.
– Retinoid creams can unplug blocked pores and help reduce inflammation
– Combination creams that unblock and treat the inflammation and/or kill bacteria
– Contraceptive pill may help women with acne by helping to regulate their hormones

When using these treatments, it’s important to avoid the triggers for acne so the medication has a chance to work.

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