Z-Drugs Policy

Z-drugs, for example zolpidem and zopiclone are a gathering of medications classed as nonbenzodiazepine hypnotics. They are prescribed to treat extreme sleeping disorders that affects typical everyday life. They can be addictive and Maiden Consult Ltd (www.mynetdoctor.co.uk) needs to guarantee that they are being used appropriately and safely. Accordingly, Maiden Consult Ltd (www.mynetdoctor.co.uk) operate according to the guidelines below:

Z-drugs will only be provided to clients in the event that they can demonstrate that they have exhausted non-prescription treatments and therapies.

The client will be prescribed only one z-drugs at any one time.

Z-drugs are given for extreme sleeping disorder that is affecting ones day by day life. For a medicine to be prescribed my a practitioner, you should give exact information on your condition.

On the off chance that a z-drug has not previously been effective, you will not be issued with a prescription from the doctor.

Should you experience any side effects directly related to the use of the medicine, treatment should be stopped (as recorded in the z-drug patient information leaflet).

In the event that you have previously experienced side effects due to a z-sedate, you may be recommended another hypnotic, if you can prove that these reactions were related to a particular ingredient in the previous medicine.

There is a maximum number of tablets/caplets/containers that will be prescribed for a client in any one request. Maiden Consult Ltd (www.mynetdoctor.co.uk) prescribe according to the recommended dosage instructions proposed by the British National Formulary (BNF) and other supporting guidelines.

Z-drugs are to be taken for short periods of time according to the licence of each medicine. According to point 2 above, in order to guarantee that BNF guidelines are adhered to, if a client attempts to put in an order close to time of their previous order, it will be held with payment and discharged at the appropriate time. Please ensure that you review the order limits page for more information (https://www.mynetdoctor.co.uk/reorder-limit/)

On the off chance that we find out if a client has requested medication from both Maiden Consult Ltd (www.mynetdoctor.co.uk) and a different provider, we will cancel their order and block their accoun

Clients are to use their own card to pay for a z-drug and will be required to give evidence of their date of birth before a another order is sent.

Only in special circumstances, may clients use another person’s card to pay for a z-medicine. They will however be required to give confirmation of their date of birth and place of residence before their order can be dispatched.

Maiden Consult Ltd (www.mynetdoctor.co.uk) are cautious when prescribing for younger clients i.e.under 25, since it is less common for people around this age to have a condition which will require z-drugs.

For patients 21 and under, consent will be asked for from their GP before we can supply z-medications to them.

The charging address for the card ought to be the same as the delivery address. In occasional cases, a work or holiday address might be used, however, verification might be required.

In the event that many individuals ask for z-drugs from the same address or nearby, these requests are probably going to be rejected.